Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:          Is this a Bar-B-Que Sauce?
A:          NO...Though our sauce has roots stemming from both Kansas City and Memphis Style tomato based sauces, it has no smoke flavor added, which many people associate with BBQ sauce.       

Q:        Are your sauce and rub only available on line?
A:        No, We have our products in a number of stores in central Iowa, Such as Fareway, Hy-Vee, Scheels, Heart of Iowa, Brickstreet market and the Sweatshop.

Q:        When do I use the sauce, during cooking or after?
A:        Either.  If you use it during cooking as a "mopping" sauce, it will absorb the flavor of your grilling or smoking process, and in turn lend a totally different flavor.  Using it after, as a "dipping" sauce, it will retain the flavor and enhance your grilled or smoked selection.   

Q:        What meat do you recommend that I use the "Original" with?
A:        Initially the "Original" sauce was created as a "competition" sauce for wings, brisket, pulled pork and ribs.  Formulated as sauce that would stand out from the crowd of "BBQ sauces" to compliment your cooking selection not overpower it.

Q:       What meat do you recommend that I use "Asian Infused" with?
A:        Feedback from our raving fans is that the "Asian Infused" goes great on poultry and seafood selections.  But once again, we feel you can use it on what ever trips your taste buds.  

If you have a question that we haven't answered...visit our "contact us" page and ask us and we'll post it along with the best answer we can come up with.