~The Story~

Young Guns Sauce Creations 

    Young Guns is a locally owned and operated company producing premium smoking and grilling products, with our world headquarters based out of Norwalk, Iowa.  The Young Guns Team consists of Greg Sr, Greg Jr (G), Sandy (Sam), and Teddy.

    Dating back to 1961, when Greg Sr was just a young boy, he can remember being ever so fascinated with cooking.  This carried on for quite a few years as he helped his mother in the kitchen until he found himself at a local hog roast at the age of 17.  His fascination with the roasting process of the hog overwhelmed him that summer.  After he found out who was doing the roasting and where they would be next, he showed up early to watch, study and learn the process.  By the third roast, he had been noticed by the cooks that were doing the roasting.  They invited him over closer to find out who he was and to let him get a “hands on” lesson.  After that summer, for Greg Sr, roasting, grilling, smoking and bar-b-que was in his blood. 

    Through the years of seeing his dad putting on hog roasts, catering private parties and vending at big events Greg Jr soon became fascinated also at a very young age.  About the time Greg Jr was out of high school he joined up with dad to work the events, competitions and catering events forming what we now know to be Young Guns.
Over the many years of using other sauces for their catering and competitions, they always felt that they had it in their grasp of creating a unique sauce that would complement their smoking and grilling even better than what was on the market.  

    After many recipes and concoctions to use for their catering and competitions, it wasn't until the summer of 2013 when Greg Jr came up with what is now the “Original Recipe” that is in production.  Obviously biased about the flavor, Young Guns started peddling pints and quarts in mason jars to local residents and establishments around Norwalk for feedback.  The feedback was overwhelming…requests for more still haven’t stopped.

    It was also used in the summer of 2013 by the The Wicked Pig BBQ team for their competitions. Which in the very first competition Wicked Pig used Young Guns “Original”, it garnered them Reserve Grand Champion at the Up In Smoke BBQ Competition in Mason City Iowa.

    In the summer of 2014 both the stars and the Young Guns Team aligned and we started the production process for both "Original" and "Asian Infused" sauces in large quantities to keep up with the demand.

   Thank you for your continued support, and don’t forget…

..."Don't Serve It Till You Sauce It!"